Hybrid events: ESH Congress 2019

The European Society of Hypertension has identified as one of the priorities the diffusion of its contents in non-European markets, making them available through innovative means of digital communication.

Thanks to the contribution of the sponsors it was possible to create a hybrid event, with a real audience at Mico Covention Center in Milan and a virtual audience online that had access to a Web TV with 3 channels in 3 different languages: English, Chinese and Russian.

With the collaboration of AIM Group and sponsors of the event, we designed a hybrid event that allowed the fruition of specific sessions of the congress not only to the on-site participants, but also to more than 3700 online participants from Europe, China, Russia and other countries.

Reaching new markets with hybrid events

The goal was to provide an opportunity to reach new markets by disseminating the scientific content of the European Society of Hypertension, using innovative digital communication methods.

A Sponsored Web TV

For the realization of the Web TV, a multi-channel software has been created that manages simultaneous video streams from different rooms, composing a mixed schedule of live sessions and recorded content. The software was also designed to interact not only with the most popular broadcasting platforms in the Western world, but also with broadcasting systems compatible with streaming in China, notoriously characterized by restrictions in this field.

We spread the scientific contents of the symposia in live streaming to new markets of very high interest both for the pharmaceutical industry (sponsor of the event) and for ESH.

With the simultaneous translation service, we provided live streaming of the sessions with three channels available in the three languages: English, Chinese and Russian.

The videos of the speeches of each speaker were acquired and processed with the same proprietary software specially developed LiveBit, obtaining a custom graphic layout with logos and information, consisting of the shots of the speaker, in sync with the slides of the presented papers.

Thanks to the event app we created, virtual guests were able to access the individual sessions in real time, selecting the language of interest.

The contents were made available on demand both on the event app and on the website of the event and of the scientific society.

Highly successful international hybrid event

Sponsors reached a wider audience, overcoming the physical limitations of the event, expanding the reach of communication with cost containment, thanks to hybrid events.

The audience reached by symposia increased especially in new markets of interest such as Russia and China thanks to multi-channel simultaneous translation.

Live streaming resulted in record numbers, with the total exceeding 10 times the actual attendees in attendance. 3700 online accesses (70% via conference app) in addition to the 350 physically present in the room.

The online platform’s tracking system provided excellent data on a wide range of parameters, including: viewer habits, choices, preferences, time spent, etc.

The tools made available provided an excellent opportunity to advertise the upcoming congress to new audiences.