Hybrid event: ECB Forum on Central Banking 2020

TC Group Technology Partner of Pomilio Blumm and the hybrid event ECB Forum on Central Banking 2020

TC Group has joined, as Technology Partner, Pomilio Blumm in the realization of the event “ECB Forum on Central Banking 2020 – Central banks in a shifting world“, on November 11 and 12, 2020 in Frankfurt.

The important Forum of the “European Central Bank” has involved 16 Technicians of TC Group Staff, just in Frankfurt2020

Christine lagarde on podium ECB Forum on Central Banking 2020 hybrid event TC Group

To support the event a double video direction. One dedicated to the on-site event and one dedicated to the online event. The live streaming was visible on the social media channels of the ECB and on a real digital TV channel dedicated to 150 Stakeholders (including many journalists). The live TV, managed by TC Group allowed the intervention in the video stream and in real time of the Stakeholders themselves, who could interact with the on-site Speakers asking questions or reinforcing the Speeches with their contents and with timely interventions.

A Led wall and four cameras ensured maximum support to the event, orchestrated in the best possible way, just like a real television broadcast. Once again, a Hybrid Experience at maximum power.