Hybrid Event: ESOF 2020

The numbers of ESOF 2020 EuroScience Open Forum Trieste, combined together, define the algorithm of magic. A magic made of science and innovation that spread energy and solutions from 2 to 6 September of the year 2020, the first and hopefully last of the Covid era.

The biennial event gave birth to 180 informative sessions of 90 minutes each, with 790 speakers from every corner of the world. Knowledge, experience, innovation, research, mixed and selected to design the formula of a universal panacea, able to cure the world, to offer concreteness to the present and hope to a future that begins in the present around the concept of sustainability.

An event that from Trieste and Friuli Venezia Giulia has literally illuminated Italy, Europe and the World and that has expanded time and dimensions thanks to its hybrid nature. Its being in the concrete space of the new Trieste Conference Center and in digital hyperspace, in a continuous and therapeutic osmosis. Because being close, interconnected, in the moment, at the same time, has already been a cure and a winning process that has seen the real integration of Speakers, Participants and Partners from all over the world have been able to interact in real time.

The contents of the speeches will live on the web until the end of 2020, providing a further opportunity for use and consultation.

ESOF 2020 hybrid event. live session on computer livebit virtual events platform

Distance was not a limitation, but an opportunity. The hybrid experience, combining on-site and online, will be a decisive factor for the events of the future. Implicitly, ESOF also paved the way for Event Management and Communication professionals.

It was an honour for TC Group to be at the side of Esof 2020 as Multimedia and Crossmedia Partner, in the running of the physical event, the online event and the “hybrid component” of the event, the true Hybrid Experience.